IrrigationCaddy IC-W1


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: ICEthS1, IC-W1


: ICEthS1-1.2.171

Android App

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: ICEthS1, IC-W1, (No Cloud Support. Available Soon)

: ICEthS1-1.2.171

Cloud Service

The IrrigationCaddy Cloud Service is an Internet based system which allow users to communicate with their IrrigationCaddy devices on the go, anytime and anywhere. The user can be at home, or all the way around the globe and still be able to access and control his/her IrrigationCaddy unit.

How does it work?

The Cloud sits in between you and the Caddy. The Cloud manages the Caddy for you remotely

Before you can start using the cloud make sure you go to and create an account. Then follow the instructions to configure your Caddy to connect to the Cloud

: Cloud Service User Manual


Do I have to use the Cloud?

You can still use the Caddy without the Cloud like you always have

And if I Don't Want the Cloud but I Want to be Anywhere?

You can also do that by using Port Forwarding on your Router. The Cloud however has many advantages over Port Forwarding