DHCP or Static IP addresses ?

A while back I realized that most users are unaware of a very useful feature most new internet routers provide. That is the ability to tell the router to always assign the same IP address to the same MAC address while still using DHCP addresses.

Many IrrigationCaddy users like to enjoy the ability of controlling their caddy from the Internet, while on vacation, on a trip, or whatever the reason. Most however tend to want to set a static IP address on the IrrigationCaddy, so that then they can do Port Forwarding to that IP address, knowing that the IP will never change. The fear is that if the router reboots for example, that if the caddy is on a DHCP address, port forwarding would be lost. The good news is that most modern routers will allow the user to fix a DHCP address to a specified MAC address.

Note that either method works just as well, whether the user sets a Static IP on the caddy, or fixes a DHCP address on the router.

The following is a screenshot from my Linksys router running a “DD-WRT” firmware, which is an open source router firmware.

Fixing a DHCP address to a MAC Address

Fixing a DHCP address to a MAC Address


Almost all modern routers will allow users to do this type of static lease assignment. If you are curious you might want to check.

The benefit of doing this, is that there is no setup needed on the caddy. Even if you reset the caddy and clear all its settings, the next time it boots the caddy will still get the same IP address; if the settings were set with a static IP and the caddy is reset, the user would have to specify the static IP address again.