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IrrigationCaddy now has a Twitter account

We have finally relented and joined Twitter! I know we should have probably joined a long time ago but here we are.

We will use it mainly to communicate product updates, new features, new products, etc. We are hoping that this will make it easier for those of you that use twitter to quickly learn of what is going on, and hopefully you will find it useful.

To follow us you can click on the link below, or click on the button at the bottom of the sidebar on this Blog.


Android App

This past November we released the iPhone app, and now it is Android’s turn.

A lot of you have asked for Android support, and we have promised support for it for a while now, so here it is! In fact I think the app is¬†slightly¬†better than the iPhone version. We have included support for an upcoming firmware release which will improve the caddy’s performance, as well as the app’s responsiveness, but in general the apps are almost identical.

The app is deployed on the Google Play site (click on the Google Play badge below to see details).

Get it on Google Play

It is also available from Amazon for the Kindle Fire.

To see more screenshots you can check the features page on the website here:

We hope you like it.