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New BETA firmware (ICEthS1-1.2.85) released

We just released the ICEthS1-1.2.85 firmware ( Get it here ). This is a BETA release.

This release has some interesting changes. A lot of you have been asking for “Multiple Start Times” for some time now, and this release includes that feature.

Another requested feature has been to add the ability to run a Program at any time without having to change the start time. So we have added a “Run Now” button to each program, which when pressed transfers the program data to the “Run Now” program and runs it immediately.

Finally we have added a Program Summary area where the total program run time is calculated and displayed.

Hope you find these new features useful, and productive.

iPhone App for the IrrigationCaddy

The guys at have put together a new iPhone app to control the IrrigationCaddy.

We haven’t gotten our hands on the app yet, but it looks like they have done a great job! The IrrigationCaddy iPhone app seems to be part of a host of other remote control apps designed for home automation type devices.

The picture below will give you a good idea of their handy work, or if you need more details you can go to their site.