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IrrigationCaddy App for Control4 Available on 4Store

As promised we have released an app for the IrrigationCaddy S1 that works on Control4 systems. The app is available from the website.
This is the Lite version, and it runs on 7″ Control4 tablets. It is available for free, and it allows the user to start and stop zones, as well as monitor the progress on the active zone.

In the coming months we will also be releasing the full version of the app. This app will allow for full control of the caddy, (scheduling, status, …).

NOTE: Requires driver name: “IrrigationController_HTTP_IrrigationCaddy_ICEthS1.c4i”

Control4 Integration

We are pleased to announce we have a new Control4 driver for the IrrigationCaddy S1 which we just released.
It is available from Control4 from the online database. It was listed under “Device Type = Others”, and “Manufacturer =”.
We will also be releasing a 4Store app soon, which will replicate almost all the same capabilities we offer on the mobile apps for iPhone and Android, but Control4 users will be able to use it from their 7″ displays, and other form factors.

IrrigationCaddy now has a Twitter account

We have finally relented and joined Twitter! I know we should have probably joined a long time ago but here we are.

We will use it mainly to communicate product updates, new features, new products, etc. We are hoping that this will make it easier for those of you that use twitter to quickly learn of what is going on, and hopefully you will find it useful.

To follow us you can click on the link below, or click on the button at the bottom of the sidebar on this Blog.


Android App

This past November we released the iPhone app, and now it is Android’s turn.

A lot of you have asked for Android support, and we have promised support for it for a while now, so here it is! In fact I think the app is slightly better than the iPhone version. We have included support for an upcoming firmware release which will improve the caddy’s performance, as well as the app’s responsiveness, but in general the apps are almost identical.

The app is deployed on the Google Play site (click on the Google Play badge below to see details).

Get it on Google Play

It is also available from Amazon for the Kindle Fire.

To see more screenshots you can check the features page on the website here:

We hope you like it.

iPhone App

We are happy to announce the availability of our new iPhone app for the IrrigationCaddy available now at the Apple App Store. You can take a look at it here:

The app will allow you to control your IrrigationCaddy Web Based Sprinkler system on the go.
You will be able to control your caddy from your iPhone, and schedule as well as run your sprinklers from it. You will be able to see the current status, whether the sprinkler zones are active, waiting to run, or inactive, etc.

The app requires Firmware version ICEthS1-1.2.171 or higher to be running on the caddy.

Here are some screenshots:




New BETA firmware (ICEthS1-1.2.85) released

We just released the ICEthS1-1.2.85 firmware ( Get it here ). This is a BETA release.

This release has some interesting changes. A lot of you have been asking for “Multiple Start Times” for some time now, and this release includes that feature.

Another requested feature has been to add the ability to run a Program at any time without having to change the start time. So we have added a “Run Now” button to each program, which when pressed transfers the program data to the “Run Now” program and runs it immediately.

Finally we have added a Program Summary area where the total program run time is calculated and displayed.

Hope you find these new features useful, and productive.

iPhone App for the IrrigationCaddy

The guys at have put together a new iPhone app to control the IrrigationCaddy.

We haven’t gotten our hands on the app yet, but it looks like they have done a great job! The IrrigationCaddy iPhone app seems to be part of a host of other remote control apps designed for home automation type devices.

The picture below will give you a good idea of their handy work, or if you need more details you can go to their site.

Multiple Start Times

We are happy to announce that we are almost done with the “multiple starts” feature.

Multiple starts will allow you to run the same program multiple times during the day. We will have a total of 5 start times. The first one will be mandatory, but the other four can be turned on or off with a checkbox next to the start time.

The calendar also does a good job of representing the multiple start times for a program. I ve set overlapping start times so that you can see what it looks like in the calendar when that is the case. This next view is the “Week” view, and the next one is the “Day” view.

This next shot is for the Day view

We will release a Beta version of the firmware first; we will allow some time to get it stable then we will make it an official release. We are expecting to be able to release the Beta version by the middle of July.