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Release IC-W1-1.2.2784 BETA

Release IC-W1-1.2.2784.

Adds ability to set the starting day when using the “Every X Days” type of scheduling a program.

This feature allows for the type of water restrictions requiring a specific internal ( i.e. 14 days ), and a specific day ( i.e. Tuesday ), like “Every other Tuesday”. This can be accomplished by selecting “Every 14 Days” and then selecting when the 14 days should start. This release adds this ability.

The Cloud Service as well as the mobile apps do not yet support this feature.


Android App Version 1.6 Released. Adds Cloud Support !!

We have released version 1.6 for the Android app, which now provides Cloud support for both the ICEthS1 model, and the IC-W1 model.

To start using the new features you must have a Cloud capable firmware on the Caddy ( all new Caddys ship with the latest firmware ), and have a cloud account setup at:


NOTE: This is a major update, and it requires the caddy information ( IP Address, Port, Version ), in the app be rebuilt.

IC-W1 Winner at “For Garden 2014″ Exhibition

We wanted to congratulate our distribution partner IRIMON for presenting and Winning the Grand Prix 2014 award at the For Garden 2014 International Exhibition held in Prague from the 20th to the 23rd of March 2014.

Grand Prix 2014 Winner Award

Grand Prix 2014 Winner Award



The team dressed in impeccable fashion accepting the award; once again congratulations !!



IRIMON website:

Firmware IC-W1-1.2.2561 Released

A new firmware is available for the IC-W1 unit.

These are the most important changes in this release:

  • Changes the initial WiFi mode from an AdHoc network to a SoftAP. Allows Android and Windows 8.1 to connect to the initial “IrrigationCaddyAP” SSID
  • Improved Cloud connectivity performance.
  • System ON/OFF switch would sometimes not change when switched from the cloud. Fixed.
  • The “is Rain Sensor Normally Open” setting performed the opposite action implied by the label. Fixed.



Announcing our new WiFi Web Enabled Irrigation Controller

We are pleased to announce the release of the new IC-W1 WiFi IrrigationCaddy!  With built in WiFi and expandable zones, this is the model many of you have been waiting for.  You will still have the ease of use and user friendly interface of the S1 model but there are many new features including:

  • 11 Zones with expansion capability up to 43
  • 6 Programs
  • Multiple start times
  • Flow Sensor port
  • Rain Sensor port
  • Manual control at the unit
  • Water usage logging

WiFi Web Based Irrigation Controller

Please check our web site for a full list of features.

At the Irrigation Association Annual Show in Austin

Great show this week here in Austin. The Irrigation Association show is the biggest of its kind here in the US so we are proud to be part of it, and show our gear. Great opportunity to get feedback from our clients and show our new controller, the ICEthW1 WiFi irrigation contoller.

At the Irrigation Association Show Austin Nov 6-7 2013

If at the show please drop by our booth #1655 and you will be welcomed with some candy :-)


iPhone App V1.4 Notes

The iPhone App V1.4 release on Sep 12th 2013 adds a new field to the caddy configuration. The field allows the user to select the Firmware Version.

When upgrading to 1.4 make sure you select the correct Firmware Version for your caddy or the app might not display the zones properly.

New Config Field V1.4

IrrigationCaddy App for Control4 Available on 4Store

As promised we have released an app for the IrrigationCaddy S1 that works on Control4 systems. The app is available from the website.
This is the Lite version, and it runs on 7″ Control4 tablets. It is available for free, and it allows the user to start and stop zones, as well as monitor the progress on the active zone.

In the coming months we will also be releasing the full version of the app. This app will allow for full control of the caddy, (scheduling, status, …).

NOTE: Requires driver name: “IrrigationController_HTTP_IrrigationCaddy_ICEthS1.c4i”

Control4 Integration

We are pleased to announce we have a new Control4 driver for the IrrigationCaddy S1 which we just released.
It is available from Control4 from the online database. It was listed under “Device Type = Others”, and “Manufacturer =”.
We will also be releasing a 4Store app soon, which will replicate almost all the same capabilities we offer on the mobile apps for iPhone and Android, but Control4 users will be able to use it from their 7″ displays, and other form factors.

IrrigationCaddy now has a Twitter account

We have finally relented and joined Twitter! I know we should have probably joined a long time ago but here we are.

We will use it mainly to communicate product updates, new features, new products, etc. We are hoping that this will make it easier for those of you that use twitter to quickly learn of what is going on, and hopefully you will find it useful.

To follow us you can click on the link below, or click on the button at the bottom of the sidebar on this Blog.