Release IC-W1-2.3.4300

Release IC-W1-2.3.4300

  • Adds ability to set DNS servers in the networking settings.
  • Removes language selection dropdown, but adds custom language .bin files.
  • Adds Italian and Hebrew languages.
  • Fixes Season Adjust issue with calculating total run time.


Release IC-W1-2.3.4195

Release BETA IC-W1-2.3.4195
  • Enables weather integration.
  • Enables ability to reduce watering based on past precipitation.
  • Enables seasonal adjust.

Release IC-W1-1.2.3048

Release IC-W1-1.2.3048
  • Fixes bug from 1.2.3045 where zone name spaces where being removed.
  • Fixes bug from 1.2.3045 where network settings would not save (Port #, IP, etc).

Release IC-W1-1.2.3045

Release IC-W1-1.2.3045.

  • Adds ability to specify the start day when using the Every X Days type of scheduling.
  • Adds ability to switch language. This release includes English and German
  • Changes how the Rain Sensor interrupts the programs. The rain sensor will now interrupt, and prevent programs from running when the sensor is WET, unless the user trigger the Run Now program ( program #6 ), or manually started a zone from the control panel on the caddy itself
  • The Web Browser user interface is now responsive. It renders properly on mobile phones, tablets, and Desktops
  • Flow Log report reported 1 hour ahead. Fixed
  • Improved Flow Sensor data logging capability, and added extra setting to allow high volume meters with long tick periods
  • Added ability to stop a Program, not just a zone.
  • Fixed import ability. In certain cases the import feature didn’t work. Fixed
  • Made general user interface usability improvements
  • NOTE: This release makes the feature available only when accessing the schedules from a web browser on the Local Network. The Cloud service, and the Mobile apps do not yet support this feature


The Cloud Service as well as the mobile apps do not yet support this feature.


Release IC-W1-1.2.2784 BETA

Release IC-W1-1.2.2784.

Adds ability to set the starting day when using the “Every X Days” type of scheduling a program.

This feature allows for the type of water restrictions requiring a specific internal ( i.e. 14 days ), and a specific day ( i.e. Tuesday ), like “Every other Tuesday”. This can be accomplished by selecting “Every 14 Days” and then selecting when the 14 days should start. This release adds this ability.

The Cloud Service as well as the mobile apps do not yet support this feature.


Added German and Italian Quick Start Guide Translations

A German Quick Start Guide Translation has been added here:

IC-W1 Schnellstartanleitung PDF

An Italian Quick Start Guide Translation has been added here:

IC-W1 Guida di Intallazione Rapida PDF

Android App Version 1.6 Released. Adds Cloud Support !!

We have released version 1.6 for the Android app, which now provides Cloud support for both the ICEthS1 model, and the IC-W1 model.

To start using the new features you must have a Cloud capable firmware on the Caddy ( all new Caddys ship with the latest firmware ), and have a cloud account setup at:


NOTE: This is a major update, and it requires the caddy information ( IP Address, Port, Version ), in the app be rebuilt.

IC-W1 Winner at “For Garden 2014″ Exhibition

We wanted to congratulate our distribution partner IRIMON for presenting and Winning the Grand Prix 2014 award at the For Garden 2014 International Exhibition held in Prague from the 20th to the 23rd of March 2014.

Grand Prix 2014 Winner Award

Grand Prix 2014 Winner Award



The team dressed in impeccable fashion accepting the award; once again congratulations !!



IRIMON website:

Firmware IC-W1-1.2.2561 Released

A new firmware is available for the IC-W1 unit.

These are the most important changes in this release:

  • Changes the initial WiFi mode from an AdHoc network to a SoftAP. Allows Android and Windows 8.1 to connect to the initial “IrrigationCaddyAP” SSID
  • Improved Cloud connectivity performance.
  • System ON/OFF switch would sometimes not change when switched from the cloud. Fixed.
  • The “is Rain Sensor Normally Open” setting performed the opposite action implied by the label. Fixed.



IrrigationCaddy Cloud is Here

We are happy to announce that our Cloud service is now live!  You can get started by going to Cloud Features.  There you will find more information and a link to create an account.  Now you can truly communicate and manage your IrrigationCaddy at home or on the go.  Anytime, Anywhere!

NOTE: The IC-W1 units ship already enabled with the ability to connect to the Cloud. There are also Cloud firmwares for the S1 but they are still in BETA, and they don’t ship with the Cloud enabled. If you would like to try it on the S1 please upgrade the firmware.